You Are a piece of shit | yuo ar ai piece of shyt

why you goota be such a randy | y yu goota be such ai randy

hlelo monki mule yuo wan git 420 no scoped by onme yuo bigg noob head?

what is your name mate | wat is yor name mate

british 3.7 in howitzer | british 3.7 n howitzer

tiger I tank is very strong | tiger ei tank eis vury strong

tiger I tank is very strong | tiger ai tank ais vury strong

I mien n9 cause I can | ei mien n9 cuz ei caen

no ei dnot mean m8 cuz m8 eis fer pussys liek random huskys...

hey how are you doing? you are a fagit | hrey how ar yu doing? yuu ar ai fagit

Nope I don't think my momma was a rectal therapist. | nope i dnot think mi momma wuz ai rectal theerpist.

ben your bad at monopoly | ben yur bad at monopoly

hello im an intelligent human being | hlelo im an intelligent human being

lets watch porn and smoke weed | lets wacht porn n smoke weed

why you dont speak modi language | wy u dont speak modi language

ill make my own pudding With my magic | ill maek mah own pudding wit mi magic

Vebbis suck a dick just kidding stop | vebbis sk ai dik juts kidding stap

favorite if you like naruto | favorite if yu leik naruto

My name is objectfan | mai name ais objectfan

Why hello there my name is objectfan | wy hlelo dere mah name ais objectfan