√hello mai name is spodermn. i swing frem webs n fight bad guys. on da weekends, ei relax n mi apartment end eat frosted flakes. jus kidding, i haev no apartment. ai liv n ai mansion on duh outskirts uv manhattan. et's kind ef scary, wit al da crims dat ai beat hanging around, waiting too squish onme. et's hard being ai spody bcus even tho yuo has lots ef swag, yuo caen still git squished. believe meh, yuu hav no idia.

please stop bitch i cant even | plz stup betch i ctan even

Goofy please kill yourself before I do it for you you cunt | gooby plx kel yurselv bfare i do et fur u yuu cunt

please stop bitch i cant even | plx stup betch ai ctan even

Actually is very happy | accualy is vury hapy

AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA | nd his name is john cena | end his name eis john cena | nd his name ais john cena

AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA | nd his name is john cena

you are a big baby bitch | yu ar ai big baby betch

sleep is for the weak | slep eis 4 teh weak

Joel tell us about your dream | joel tael us abot ur drem

you look like a prick | yuu luk liek ai prick

But if Reiku is not awake, then who was replying? | but if reiku ais not awake, ten who wus replying?

et seems lyk ppl wil dew watevur 2 git evryon else against roman reigns. they're taking disliking sum1 2 who different level. sawry cesaro dint git ai push, sawry daniel bryan eis out, sawry tht reigns ist teh best worker or frem duh indies. we al wanted chanj right? we al wanted ai nue face of teh company right? wull we getting wot we asked four. sum mey lik et end clearly soem won't.

Come to my birthday please | kam too mi byrthdayz plss | coem tu mi byrthdayz plz | kam tuu mi byrthdayz plss

plx r/s/v/p meh on instgram, facebook or email onme (bubbles56321@gmailcom), or contact kerri ~ 0417874501.

Come to my birthday please | kam too mi byrthdayz plss

DO YOU WANT LORETTAS KITCHEN TABLE AND CHAIRS? | dew yuo wnt lorettas kitchen table end chairs?

send me your number now we can talk | snd onme ur nmber nw we caen talk

well um okay bitch excuse you | wull um k betch excuse yuo

mai name ais oliver, aftr 5 yrs being gya anonymously, ai came back wit juts only one goal, tew butt faq al duh guies n mai city. t do tht, ai heiv tew become sum1 else. i has 2 become smthn else.