Robin you fuckin pussy you let joker get away | robin yuu fuckin pussy yuo let joekr git away

Father do you love me | father dew u luv meh

I can't get out of my chair, my legs are asleep | i cant git out uv mi chair, mah legs ar asleep

Thanos!! Dance off bro me and you | thanos!! dance off bor meh n yu

And I killed eleven of them, your welcome | n ei killed elven uv dem, yur welcome

But there are thousands of aliens | but ther ar thousands of aliens

I only brought eleven arrows | i only brought elven arrows

Hawkeye we need your help to shoot the aliens | hawkeye we nede yur halp tew shoot da aliens

Seriously wat teh faq | seriously wat teh faq

magiickzz is a fagot | magiickzz eis ai fagot

Hello my name is youssef | hlelo mi name ais youssef

dont hate just accept it | dont haet jus acept et

hlelo warframe forums, et is meh, dolan. ei hav decided too invade yor forum end wit et, bring da wrath uv dolan duck.

Shmule is love shmule is life | shmule ais luv shmule eis lyfe

i thought you were cool | ei thought yuo were cool

seriously what the fuck | seriously wat teh feq

why you no change your name | wy yu no chanj ur name

the chicken nuggets have mayonnaise | duh chikn nuggets has mayonnaise

ok, i will pay since i am nice | oaky, i wil pay since ei am niec

hey want to go to mcdonalds and get a big mac | hrey wan 2 go tew mcdolanz end git ai big mac