Dolan please today I have a lot of work to do | dolan plss todei ai haev ai lot uv wrok 2 dew

Chicken nuggets for sale | chikn nuggets fer sale

shrek your self and wreck your self | shrek yor self n wreck yor self

I always spell like this | ei always spell lyk tis

it will be fun with friends | et wil be fun wit frends

Im not playing games anymore I really love you I want you! | im not playing gaems anymore ai raed luv u ai wan yuo!

i kinda want to see poltergeist actually | ei kinda wnta t c poltergeist accualy

i kind of want to see poltergeist actually | i kind uv wan tu c poltergeist accualy

baby ai wnta yuu tu now i truly loved u but i think ets tiem we hav tew sya goodbye

This is Garnet Back together | tis ais garnet back together

This is Garnet Back together | dis is garnet back together

come on dad send us the pictures | kam on dad sen us da pishurs

they can't hack for shit | dey ctan hack 4 shet

Someone should teach you some manners | sum1 should teach yuo sum manners

Shut up little russian boy Spoderman plz | shut up lidl russian boy spoderman plz

Practice on Friday it at eleven | practice on friday et at elven

It's always booty time | et's always booty tiem

Road to global elite | road t global elite

Goofy please stop playing with yourself | gooby plss stup playing wit yurselv

Hey burgess I have the mera mera no mi | hrey burgess ai hav duh mera mera no mi