Your ugly elijah so is shayla | ur ugly elijah soh eis shayla

shut up you don't know anything | shut up yuo doent now anything

Hey how are you doing? | hrey hw ar yu doing?

hello i am spoderman i think you are a fagit | hlelo ai am spoderman ai think yuo ar ai fagit

please ethan don't do this too me | plx ethan doent do dis tuu onme

troy is a pathetic faggot | troy ais ai pathetic feget

wy yuo dew dis 2 onme? dont use dude. use mate bor or homie instead

I didn't want to hurt your feelings | ei dint wan t hurt ur feelings

why the fuck did you do that | y teh fk did yuo do dat

why you have to be mad only game | y yu has too be mad only gaem

whats the meaning of life | wats duh meaning of lyfe

What do i do when my friends is a faggot | wot dew i dew when mai frends is ai fgt

when my bitch call i hang up with my dick ya boy | when mah betch call ei hang up wit mah dik ya boy

hw is mai betch supposed t fk ai cow if duh cow dont liek but cow ais haet shrek ais luv shrek ais lif

Shout me out to get a shoutout | shout meh out tew git ai shoutout

when mah betch doesnt call i brake her neck fakin betch hoe douche

mi name eis dolan duck hw caen ai be uv service betch sek mai dik mate ais et bcus yuu haet?

thank you creator Su much fucking fuck fun thanks | thnk yu creator su muhc fukn fek fun thnks

Praise jesus that he didnt eat my icecream | praise jzuz tht hi dint eat mi icecream

OH crap you know whats about to happen mother fuckers | oh crap yuu now wats abot t happen mother fakrs