yes u do this religion | yes u dew dis relegn

trying to be ultimate sexy | trieng too be ultimaet seyx

can't handle your diipness | ctan handle yer diipness

look up to the sky and see | lok up 2 teh sky nd c

bye class, see you soon | bye class, c yuo soon

taywor yeger is pretty super | taywor yeger ais prety spuer

woa school's beast. everyone is super smart! | woa school's beast. evryon ais spuer smart!

this chair really hurts my abdomen | tis chair rely hurts mi abdomen

who's this gal taylor prall? | who's tis gal taylor prall?

who's this gal taylor prall? | who's tis gal taylor prall?

awesomeness is a good talent of mine | awesomeness is ai gud talent uv mine

i'm sweet cause i go shopping by myself | im sweet cuz ei go shopping by myself

everyone says i'm special but i'm a pretty cool guy | evryon syas im special but im ai prety cool guy

People say i'm special, but i'm a pretty nice guy please | ppl sya im special, but im ai prety niec gui pls

where are all my friends in this class? | where ar al mai flends n tis class?

hi everyone, i like to act in front of the class | hi evryon, i leik t act n front ef duh class

leemet samet is one of teh greatest fgts uv duh twentyfirst century end hi also liks lidl bois

Why are u doing this | wy ar u doing dis

You are some very ugly faggots | yuo ar soem vury ugly faggats

i dont even understand this conversation | i dont even understand dis conversation