you suck dick for a living you potato squid rat fuck | u suk dik 4 ai living yuu potato squid rat fk

dew u wan 2 fight yu ugly looking ass idian potato feq

a good day I will have | ai gud day ei wil heiv

a good day I will have | ai gud day ei wil haev

Against the power of Mordor there can be no victory | against teh pwoer of mordor dere caen be no victory

say something im giving up on you | sya sumthn im giving up on u

hello. would you be intrested in a game of lol? | hlelo. wud u be intrested n ai gaym ef lo?

Hi do you want to be friends | hi do u wnta tu be frends

Lets git thes cheeky cunts | lets git duhs cheeky cunts

lets get these cheeky cunts | lets git thes cheeky cunts

lets go rekt some noobs | lets go rekt soem noobs

lets go fuck mate up | lets go faq mate up

let go rek some noobs | let go rek sum noobs

This site is shit. Hope you die for using this translator. | tis site ais shyt. hope yuu dei four using tis trnsltr.

Check this site dave Is awesome | check tis site dave ais awsum

Friends I want to go to the movies with my friends | frends ai wnt tu go tew duh movies wit mah frends

Not stored in Database | not stored n database

Why you dont get this? | y yuu dont git tis?

Wanna have some sex chat? | wan has soem seks chat?

hlelo, mi name ais dolan. mi favorite color eis purple. mai favorite meal eis pussy nd mai favorite drink pussyjuice. #truestory