Anton i want your penis inside of me | anton ei wnt yer penis inside uv meh

Anton i want yur pianis inside off me | anton ei wnta yur pianis inside off meh

I got pretty sick today | ai gawt prety sik todei

Steph you smell german | steph u smell german

I'm taking your bitch | im taking yor betch

donald please, your swag is a big cancer | dolan pley, yur swag ais ai big cansor

pewds ais ai hacker hi hav 28 million subs when their ais only 100 ppl on earth

listen fags if yuu contact meh one moar tiem while im trieng tew hair flip i'll flip yor ass

i miss you my sister | ei miss yuo mai sister

i will blow your head off | ei wil blw yur head off

i will fuck your brains out | ei wil fek yur breans out

i miss you my brother | i miss u mi brotr

I will be right back | ai wil be right back

Emily do you understand us you little faggot | emily dew yuo understand us yuo lidl fgt

hrey im sydney. ei pray varsity soccer fer 3 yaers nw. im ai junior. n ei luv school

hey baby girl how u doing | hrey baby girl how u doing

wanted to sleep but swag wont let m8 | wanted tu slep but swag wont let m8

caen ai has yer daughter 4 teh rast ef mah lyfe? sya yes, sya yes 'cause i ned too now

too much swag for games pls | tew muhc swag four gayms pls

what time you slept last night | wot tiem yuu slept last night