I wish we could hang out! | ai wish we cud hang out!

You can do it Grayson! | yuu caen dew et grayson!

Jk your a fucking faggot | jk yur ai fukn feget

Jk you're a fucking faggot | jk yur ai fakn faggat

Who the fuck is that | who da fck is dat

fine if yuo rely wnt meh tew talk dolan ai wil. jus now tht ai won't kepe dis up four lnog end i'll fall asleep soon

we gonna wrote her together | we gunna wrote her together

oi jacob apparently you are an faggot | oi jacob apparently u ar an feget

shut your mouth bulby | shut yur mouth bulby

merry christmas everyone i love you all | merry christmas evryon ai luv yu al

and a happy new year | nd ai hapy nue yaer

We wish you a merry chrismas | we wish yuo ai merry chrismas

i know how fat you are spoder man | i now hw fat yu ar spoder man

i made it myself. you like it bish? | ai made et myself. u lik et bish?

I don't believe you fagit | i dnot believe yuu fagit

You don't speak spooderman? | yuo dunt speak spooderman?

I'm laying in bed bored | im laying n bedd bored

You make me cry everytime | yuu maek onme cry evrytim

Brandon why you no reply?? | brandon y u no reply??

I have more swag than you guys | i heiv mor swag thans u guis