there are some real feelings | dere ar soem reel feelings

This is so sweet bogs! | tis ais soh sweet bogs!

ur nan haz ebula go jomp of an cligg | ur nan haz ebula go jomp ef an cligg

ur nan haz ebula go jomp of an cligg | ur nan haz ebula go jomp of an cligg

if i've told yu once i've told u ai thousand tiems, ai wil git dere when ai git there.. dooby plx

Siemka dolan ruda kurwo | siemka dolan ruda kurwo

gr8 b8 m8 id r8 8/8 but ets to l8 soh i'll go sk8 aftr ai finish mah pl8 soh wd u w8 four onme at da g8 dont forget too bring ur d8 n ai solid st8 cuz she took ur b8 dats her f8,btw im not 8 no h8<3

Picking out Halloween costumes with my friend | picking out halloween costumes wit mai frend

yu do realize dat if im tew tired t speak cermet, ten ei definitely won't be able too try n decode watevur yer telling meh.

you are such a i do not know | yuu ar such ai i do not now

lluvia is such a grandma | lluvia ais such ai grandma

may the force be with you | mey teh force be wit yuu

well if it is not my arch nemesis | wlel if et ais not mah arch nemesis

chila how did you get into diamond | chila hw did yuu git into diamond

ei dnt wnta yuu near onme but ai dnt wan yuu t leave meh im choking on mi own misery used 2 da same routine if only yuu cud c meh im finully moving on sometimes yr bitters off weetout da ones u luv quite honestly ai think im done im sadly slowly breaking im drowning n wtrs where ai cant swim nd lights ar dim n no1 hears u scream im al alone no one 2 pley dnt liek et tht way soh caen u sty

fuck your mother, you mother fucker | faq yor mother, u mother fakr

id leik tu thnk colin waddington n his outstanding snapstory fur letting meh now wat color evryon wus weerin n his class todei

please don't hurt me mate | pls dnot hurt onme mate

okay so i figured out how to speak dolan today | k soh ei figured out how t speak dolan todei

Okay s i figured out how to speak dolan today lol | oaky fengar finger'ss i figured out how 2 speak dolan todei lo