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the fukc is thi siht | duh fukc ais thi siht

the fuck is this shit | da fuk is dis shet

yu notice ai wall uv text n twitch chat n yur hamd instinctively goes t teh mouse. yu scroll up t stahp teh chat elevator n raed teh pasta, indulging n ets delights... yu soon realize dat tis pasta conveys no information nor iz particularly witty or fany. nevertheless, yu drag yur mouse across, hit ctrl+c, ten ctrl+v n press enter

Chicken nugget wrap is the best | chikn nugget wrap ais da best

dear jzuz plz halp mah flend dae tu pas her exams end git ai gud score soh she caen git ai hi paying job n buy meh bier. amen.

wat hapnd! wayt ai second...this mus be wat happens when yu git hit by ai meme...

ISC ticket coming your way. | isc ticket coming yer way.

I did great on sam's quiz, I bet I will do great | ei did greit on sam's quiz, ai bet i wil dew greit

hello you are an asshole | hlelo yu ar an asshole

even trough the hardest of times you will still have swag | even trough teh hardest ef tiems yu wil still heiv swag

Well think of something | wull think uv sumding

is because you are stupid | eis bcuz yuu ar stoopid

jajaja look this is better than your english | jajaja lok dis eis bitters thans yor english