today i'm gonna teach how to fuck a bitch | todei im gunna teach hw too fek ai betch

hello i am spiderman | hlelo ei am spoodermin

hello georgia whatare you doing | hlelo georgia whatare u doing

or got a lag in his mind | or gawt ai lag n his mind

saif i think he is sick | saif ai think hi ais sik

started from the bottom now she is here | started frem duh bottom naw she ais heer

what the fuck please stop | wat teh feq plss stahp

please sherif i beg you | plss sherif ai beg u

ninja turtles are awesome and so cool | ninja turtles ar awsum n soh cool

ninja ninja ninja turtles | ninja ninja ninja turtles

gelya is a pornstar | gelya is ai pornstar

hallo guys welcome to this site | hallo guys welcome tu dis site

saif ais ai nigga prays n his ambola alot, end ei raed liek 2 pley n his ambola et's relly gud n hi wiggle wiggle wiggle

sherif is a big fat nigger in teh world ass bitch | sherif eis ai big fat niger n teh wolrd ass betch

cocokills i think yor mother hav 5 children end yu ar teh gayest one ef dem al.

what the fuck are you a faggot | wat da fek ar yuo ai faggat

3-the problem eis, yu caen enver create ai bitters role pley environment by disabling locks 4 al 2 wheels vehicles,because yuo won't always be able tu deal wit duh car jacking icly, were teh car jacker himself won't trouble himself n rp pushing u off yor bike, soh yu won't stand ai chance frem car jackers.

evol_nico yu ar vury gya end bad at minkreft end ai bad bulder go dy n ai hole.

cjay why are you a paki | cjay wy ar yuo ai paki

Let's troll my niggas, let's go fuck people | let's troll mai niggas, let's go fck ppl