hello you are an asshole | hlelo yu ar an asshole

even trough the hardest of times you will still have swag | even trough teh hardest ef tiems yu wil still heiv swag

Well think of something | wull think uv sumding

is because you are stupid | eis bcuz yuu ar stoopid

jajaja look this is better than your english | jajaja lok dis eis bitters thans yor english

You can finally eat ramen in style | u caen finully eat ramen n styel

we will get the easy win guys | we wil git duh easy win guys

nice hook pudge, better luck next time | niec hook pudge, bitters luck nex tiem

this game hurts my feelings | dis gaem hurts mi feelings

thank you for the harm I must go now | thnk yu four da harm ai mus go nao

you smart you loyal you a genius | yuu smart u loyal yu ai genius

"Worrying is a waste of time, no matter what happens." | "worrying eis ai waste ef tiem, no maddr wot happens."

copy end paste tis 2 raise awareness | copy nd paste tis tu raise awareness

copy and paste this to raise awareness | copy nd paste tis tu raise awareness

Who the hell is Dolan, is he a faggot like Donald Trump? | who da hell ais dolan, eis hi ai fgt lyk dolan trump?

I am Captain America, you are all scrubz | i am captain amerika, yuo ar al scrubz

i just fucking shot myself | ai juts fukn shot myself

k that will be $50 pay up | k tht wil be $50 pay up

big fat little ass in a duck and it sucked and sucked | big fat lidl ass n ai duck end et sucked end sucked

its time for your end | ets tiem fer yer end