when is the next jam | when ais da nex jam

Hello im spoderman and im going to get revenge on dolan | hlelo im spoderman end im goeng tu git revenge on dolan

shut the fuck up bitch | shut duh fk up betch

shut the fuck up bitch | shut duh fk up betch

you're a faggot and you cant sing | yur ai faggat end u ctan sing

eggman neds tew shave his moustache bcus et's stuped n ugly

Eggman is stupid and ugly | eggman is stoopid n ugly

dear ozair bullying is no joke from Jobeef | dear ozair bullying is no joke frem jobeef

dear ozair, bullying is no joke regards Jobeef | dear ozair, bullying eis no joke regards jobeef

what" ain't no country ei evir heard uv! dey speak english n "wha

Some niggers are just mean as fuck bro | sum nigers ar jus mean ais fck bor

you are welcome caleb | yuo ar welcome caleb

you erased my signature DOLAN | u erased mai signature dolan

You erased my signature block dolan | yu erased mah signature blok dolan

we've been over this | we've been over tis

Hope all your dreams come true | hope al yer drems coem trew

Happy Birthday Andy from your pal Spoderman | hapy burfdy andy frm yur pal spoderman

i do it for a couple of pintjes | ai do et fer ai couple ef pintjes

for a couple of beer i'll do it | fer ai couple ef bier i'll do et

Welcome to the new age | welcome too da nue age