Shut the fuck up you stupid ass dog | shut duh fck up yuu stuped ass dog

I'm in the hall Leave me alone | im n da hall leave onme alone

i need to fuck my girlfriend becouse my mom is pregnant | ei ned 2 feq mai grilfrend becouse mai mom eis pregnant

U r en feget wut the fuk | u r en feget wut teh fuk

how does this shit even work? | hw does tis shet even werk?

hlelo mai name ais dolan duck n todei we wil be playing call ef duty wit spody!

helo mi name eis spodi | helo mi name eis spodi

helo mi name is spodi | helo mi name eis spodi

helo my name is spiderman | helo mi name is spody

Do not cry, everything will be okay | dew not cry, everiting wil be oaky

spoder man spoder man illuminate illuminatee but w8 did u c dat m80 /\ / \ / 0 \ /______\

definitely not. we wud be totally stoopid t mak fun ef sum1, who eis ais nonserious ais we ar. regards

there's a camera gotta act serious | dere's ai camera gotta act serious

there's a fucking camera gotta act serious lol | ther's ai fukn camera gotta act serious lo

I'm having difficulties understanding it | im having difficulties understanding et

69/10 story line and plot development | 69/10 stori line nd plot development

plot twist: peach eis accualy mario n luigi's gya bor end bowser ais juts confused abot his sexuality soh hi neds peach t halp him figure et out.

you guys like my profile picture? | yuu guis lyk mai profile pishur?

Hello my name is faggot | hlelo mi name eis faggat

hi guys its me vikkstar123 | hi guies ets meh vikkstar123