gene is a stupid bitch | gene is ai stupd betch

yuu should acept onme bcuz ai has ai quokka n mah profile pishur end ei feed et nutella

ai wnta too join yur town bcuz mah noob frend xanny is n ther. wat ei caen bring tew yur table ais 1 aria bcuz ai am soh powerful

please dont give me bad spelling | pley dont giv meh bad spelling

i was going to photoshop myself into something dramatic. | ai wuz goeng too photoshop myself into smthn dramatic.

kick everyone that didnt give you the answer. | kick evryon tht dint giv yu da answer.

ransom walked over tu gabe n gabe turned around ransom bent over tu sniff gabes hair ransom: smells lik yer chode *shode gabe: wtf ransom grabbed his arm n n whispered n his ear youre n mah swamp naw gabe nd at dat special momunt gaberiala knew da tru meaning ef raep thu end

plss doent fuk mai bitches, dolan. | pls dnt fak main biches dolan

wate ke'nt n y 1 tyep liek dis??? ever1 hear sux at dolan spek

going full retard typing is quite tiring. | goeng full retard typing ais quite tiring.

Have my congratulation op! You Smaug ass | hav mah congratulation op! u smaug ass

You wanna fight me kid | u wan fight meh kid

You wanna fight me kid | yu wan fight meh kid

Bitch who you talking to you | betch who yu talking too yuu

Lol you are an stupid faggotg though | lul yuu ar an stupd faggotg tho

Do you like my english? | do yu lik mah english?

Hi my name is Adrian | hi mi name is adrian

Why are you so mean | y ar yuu soh mean

stef, you faggot are a stupid shit | stef, yu faggat ar ai stoopid shet

while you got sold to microsoft | while yuo gawt sold t microsoft