I will fuck you in your pussy | ei wil fak u n yur pussy

Fuck in ass or pussy | faq n ass or pussy

Can i fuck you in the ass | caen i fck yuu n da ass

I want to lick your pussy | ei wnt t lick yur pussy

What is this shit site. | wat eis dis shet site.

That's right, my name is Babu | dat's right, mi name is babu

hlelo dere, yu seem tew haev posted n duh rong section, plz try agen :)

OMG I look so good today lol | omg ai luk soh gud todei lul

Chance is a fucking faggot | chance is ai fukin fgt

Why do I look so cute? | wy do ei lok soh cuet?

Fuck you Arabic Osama bin Laden piece of shit | fck yuo arabic osama bin laden piece ef shyt

lapislasuli101 eis ai stupd ideot luk him up hear http://www.mineplex.com/profile/11230076 <333

Why do you care why i care about it | y do yuo caret y ei caret abot et

k laura. im goeng t bedd nao. slep wlel. ei luv yuo laura end prepare ur anis 4 wednesday!

Please shut the fuck up you retarded moron | pley shut da fck up yuo retarded moron

Pleas shut the fuck up you retard | pleas shut da fak up yuo retard

What are you doing | wat ar yuo doing

Wat ben je aan het doen | wat ben je aan het doen

This kinda confuse me but ok | dis kinda confuse onme but oaky

oh mah gawd, tis is duh best idia evir! i'd luv 2 c dis implemented! :thumb: